There’s no better time

The holidays are near and with it the bustle

Shuffle down the street under your feet the leaves rustle.

Many families are in the airport now

If only they can use this time for good somehow.

A lag in WiFi, saving battery life

take this time to talk to your wife

It may sound morbid, I know ‘tis true

but if not now, then when is good?

Think about many years from today

What should they know? If you couldn’t say?

If you say you don’t want to be on a machine,

Does your family or physician know which way you lean?

Speaking of machines, there are so many healthcare uses

If you don’t know, it’s you who loses

Some may want dialysis but not a vent

some may say a tube feed is heaven sent

The important thing is to learn what you can

and for goodness sake’s write down a plan!!!

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