Patients and Families

Advance Care Planning Services

Making your wishes known is the best gift you can give your family and yourself

When to have the talk

Every individual benefits from having their advance directives completed. Not only is it necessary to make your wishes known, but also to review them annually. You should also review your advance directives when you have a change in your health, a hospitalization, or a changes in the level of care you need. 

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What to expect at your visit with a Care Paths Care Coordinator 

We contact individuals upon referral from their physician or facility to discuss advance directives. Reasons that a physician may recommend these discussions for you include a new diagnosis, annual wellness visit, a new hospitalization, or a change in your condition. During your visit with the Care Coordinator he or she will review any current advance directives and listen to what is most important to you. The Care Coordinator will also explain how to document your wishes and assist in completing any forms such as Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, DNR, POLST, etc.