Long Term Care Facilities

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There's more scrutiny now than ever about facilities addressing quality of life and end-of-life care. New survey tags and increased demands on reimbursements for skilled nursing facilities make it more difficult to remain profitable. Care Paths works within your facility to provide additional resources and services to the residents, families, and to the healthcare team. 

Our services are designed to compliment your current care team. Care Paths collaborates with other contracted providers such as managed care, palliative, and hospice agencies. Our services are covered under Medicare part B and most private insurance and do not interfere with Medicare skilled days benefit. 

Let us show you how we can develop a custom advance care planning program in your facility

Benefits of Care Paths ACP Program


- Compliance with addressing end-of-life care discussions

- Increased resident satisfaction

- Additional service offered to your residents and families

Social Work

- A collaborative partner and resource for difficult conversations with residents/families

- Assistance with completing forms such as DNR, POLST/MOST, healthcare PoA, Living Will, etc.

- Updates on discussions with residents and thier families. 

- Assistance with referrals to other resources such as estate attorneys, hospice providers, home care, and palliative care.


- Updated information about resident's code status and goals of care

- A resource for patients and families to educate them about advance directives

- Communication about patient's understanding of their healthcare conditions

and many more